May 3rd 2017 will be remembered as a day that altered the history of Fort McMurray. An estimated 88,000 people were under mandatory evacuation from the community as an untamed wildfire titled The Beast quickly surrounded its border. The blaze burned aggressively as brave firefighters fought back the flames in many acts of heroism. Among the smoke was a single delivery of peated malt sitting outside of Wood Buffalo Brewing Co. waiting to be turned into the next batch of single malt whisky. Caught in the havoc, these grains unwittingly absorbed the smoke.

Response and aid were unprecedented as news reached around the globe. Donations poured in to help the many displaced. The brewery was spared but sustained significant smoke damage. During cleanup, the pallet of malt was discovered. Together with Canada Malting and AP Capital, Wood Buffalo Brewing Co. ensured the malt’s quality and is proud to produce this rare offering. Once available, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Friends of Fort McMurray Firefighters Charities Fund in honour of the firefighters saving the city and making this whisky possible. Layed in new oak barrels, a limited volume of the ‘double smoked’, 100% peated, Canadian malt whisky will be resting quietly as the community rebuilds in the upcoming years.

Year 1 Annual Auction – Friday October 28th – Whisky Bottles #1 – 8
$28,750 raised for the Friends of Fort McMurray Firefighters Charities Fund.

Year 2 Annual Auction – Saturday November 25th – Whisky Bottles #14 – #20 + Live Auction Items
$47,375 raised for the Friends of Fort McMurray Firefighters Charities Fund.